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Daphne's Window

Watch this video on NOWNESS. It is inspirational.

Queen of lace

Monday, June 13, 2011


I am sooooooo behind on blogging there is so much stuff I should have blogged about that I probably won't be able to blog about now. Sorry. So now I will share with you Graces:

They are made by designer Jun Takahashi and there just aren't enough pictures of them on the Internet! I could look at them all day! I want one as a pet!

And there are perfumes inspired by them: Holygrace and Holigrapie! I'm gonna make a perfume, But I can't tell you whats going to be in it for fear of idea steeling.

Don't they look like creatures from THE NEVER ENDING STORY? I am working on another gaga video and they will defiantly be featured in it!

This is one I painted today at my Grandmother's house today. My Mom said that its disturbing but I love it!