Thursday, December 30, 2010

There weren't no sugar plumbs

Usually on Christmas eve children dream of Christmas stuff like cookies and presents and so did I. One year I dreamed up a Kaleidoscope of Christmas stuff like Christmas trees, Candie canes and cookies. This year however I dreamed of getting my picture taken with Daphne Ginness after she climbed down a giant building as a giant in some sort of white plastic bikini/armor and tall white shoes like these Alexander McQueen shoes. Fashion is starting to seep into my dreams. Did you know I've had three dreams about Lady gaga?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

My gifts

I've been making lots of colleges lately so I made one for each of my family members.I love this one, it was for my brother Kaeden.

See all the sparkles on them? they're from my grandma. I also used lots of National geographic pictures that I got from her.

Look I got a fancy pants telescope for seeing planets and stars and hopefully a nebula.

This is a picture I took through it of some trees.

I also got a book called MODEL as MUSE. It has fashion pictures and it tells who the model is who the designer is and who's the photographer. I think this picture looks like it was Dior but apparently it's not. There is also lots of writing about time periods of fashion or something, I haven't read it so I don't really know.

I love this picture of Twiggy and her clones. I need to gt a picture of her face to cover mine like them.

I love the mix of the tough leather jacket biker look with the pastel long skirts.

This picture caught my eye in Vogue then I saw it on style rookie an now it's in my new book. Then I noticed that I didn't really like it. The parts I like are the haircut, dark lips and colors. I could use this picture to inspire lots of outfits.

Kate moss looks good in Michel Kors witch reminds me someone at church has a Michel Kors bag. I know this because I saw A big MK and so I was wondering what brands hat stood for so I started walking faster in the communion line so I could rad the small text that said Michel Kors.

I also got a kaleidoscope. Hers some pictures...

I also got this!

and candy.

And sushi band aids that came with toy sushi and...

A Miracle Fish!

It says: "Place Fish in palm of hand and its movements will indicate

Moving Head. . . . . . . .Jealousy
Moving Tail. . . . . . .Indifference
Moving Head and Tail. . . . .In Love
Curling sides. . . . . . . . .Fickle
Turns Over. . . . . . . . . .False
Motionless. . . . . . . . . .Tired
Curls up entirely. . . . . . .Passionate

Made in Taiwan"

I love how random it is! Almost everyone I try it on is passionate.
I also got some books and a science kit.
My sister's new baby writing in my notebook. I also got a book of optical illusions.
Look at it then turn your head upside down and look at it.
I want a bunch of post like this in my house.
she has a kitten for a neck, birds for a face and bunnies for arms! This is dirt I think, but I think it looks like stars.
This is from a photo shoot in Vogue called Glow in the Dark and there where lots of neons and metallics.
This is what I wore to my family Christmas party I think I did a good job glowing in the dark, My mom agrees, Do you?
This is another outfit from this week. I think it looks like a gym teacher ensemble.
I also wore a necklace of pepper clips.
I made these beautiful nature angels for my family. I am extremely pleased with the angel's hair, especially the one in the the bottom right corner.
Hope you had a happy holiday!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas woods

Just like Karl Lagerfeld! I designed a collection inspired by a dream of mine! In my dream there was this picture of my Friend and some other people on the beach on Halloween and one was dressed like some ninja in tan with a strange red symbol wearing a giant black hat that went to their shoulders with a hole in the front for their face, and It was paper like those Chinese lanterns. Another person was wearing Gypsy like clothes, and a tall hat with flower, lots of fabric and a tiny birthday party hat on top. Then I just worked from that and the collection sort of evolved from those two hats to dreams, toys and fantasy. I thought it seemed somewhat Christmas like so I decided to wait till now to show you. This is one of the most developed collections I have ever designed because not only are there clothes but there are shoes and hats! I hope you really like it... This model is wearing one of the hats from my dream.
These three ball gowns are probably my favorites. The first hat is from my dream.
I came up with almost all the tops by wrapping a piece of vinyl around a barbie. My barbie is till wearing the top like the ones above.
these designs where ones I came up with before in a thought. I thought it worked with the collection so I added it to the collection. I first imagined it on Tavi.
I also ended the collection with a wedding dress like Karl dose at the end of couture shows. Now for the shoes...

I hope you all have a very merry Christmas!

P.S. Christmas list