Saturday, December 25, 2010

My gifts

I've been making lots of colleges lately so I made one for each of my family members.I love this one, it was for my brother Kaeden.

See all the sparkles on them? they're from my grandma. I also used lots of National geographic pictures that I got from her.

Look I got a fancy pants telescope for seeing planets and stars and hopefully a nebula.

This is a picture I took through it of some trees.

I also got a book called MODEL as MUSE. It has fashion pictures and it tells who the model is who the designer is and who's the photographer. I think this picture looks like it was Dior but apparently it's not. There is also lots of writing about time periods of fashion or something, I haven't read it so I don't really know.

I love this picture of Twiggy and her clones. I need to gt a picture of her face to cover mine like them.

I love the mix of the tough leather jacket biker look with the pastel long skirts.

This picture caught my eye in Vogue then I saw it on style rookie an now it's in my new book. Then I noticed that I didn't really like it. The parts I like are the haircut, dark lips and colors. I could use this picture to inspire lots of outfits.

Kate moss looks good in Michel Kors witch reminds me someone at church has a Michel Kors bag. I know this because I saw A big MK and so I was wondering what brands hat stood for so I started walking faster in the communion line so I could rad the small text that said Michel Kors.

I also got a kaleidoscope. Hers some pictures...

I also got this!

and candy.

And sushi band aids that came with toy sushi and...

A Miracle Fish!

It says: "Place Fish in palm of hand and its movements will indicate

Moving Head. . . . . . . .Jealousy
Moving Tail. . . . . . .Indifference
Moving Head and Tail. . . . .In Love
Curling sides. . . . . . . . .Fickle
Turns Over. . . . . . . . . .False
Motionless. . . . . . . . . .Tired
Curls up entirely. . . . . . .Passionate

Made in Taiwan"

I love how random it is! Almost everyone I try it on is passionate.
I also got some books and a science kit.
My sister's new baby writing in my notebook. I also got a book of optical illusions.
Look at it then turn your head upside down and look at it.
I want a bunch of post like this in my house.
she has a kitten for a neck, birds for a face and bunnies for arms! This is dirt I think, but I think it looks like stars.
This is from a photo shoot in Vogue called Glow in the Dark and there where lots of neons and metallics.
This is what I wore to my family Christmas party I think I did a good job glowing in the dark, My mom agrees, Do you?
This is another outfit from this week. I think it looks like a gym teacher ensemble.
I also wore a necklace of pepper clips.
I made these beautiful nature angels for my family. I am extremely pleased with the angel's hair, especially the one in the the bottom right corner.
Hope you had a happy holiday!


Pashupati said...

Your collages are really great.
We see you put lot of efforts in making them.
Quality > quantity, right?
Late happy holidays, and have a great New Year!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

Patchwork-of-dreams said...

I love your sushi bands and also your collages :D

from : !! ^^

Anonymous said...

My unkle is staying with my grandperents who live next door and they just happened to have bacon band-aids so we will trade some. They have some other really random stuff.