Thursday, September 30, 2010


This summer I decided that if I was a mythical creature I would be a unicorn Pegasus centaur or a unipegaentar and I don't think I would say anything different now except that I would have a pastel rainbow in my hair. I'd be a unicorn because they have shiny twisty horns in their heads. I'd be a Pegasus because I've always dreamed of flying (I've had some petty odd flying dreams) and I would be a centaur because they are half human And I like being able to use hand and it would be easier it wear clothes and we all know I love clothes. But I guess I could be a fairy if I had to.

Unicorn picture, Givenchy couture fall 2010 coat, sketches from Walt Disney's fantasia (one of my favorite animations next to Alice in wonderland), Roger viveir unicorn shoes and a picture from's scrap book.

paper clothes

I am currently eating a Japanese Candie given to me by someone at school and it tastes really weird. I'm going to use the wrapper to decorate something because it's shiny green and it has Japanese words on it! OK, so today I'm talking about paper clothes. I already wrote about them before but something happened and now the pictures are gone so here are some more.

Pictures: 60s poster dress, clothing I made out of paper, Jum Nayo collection and some random picture with paper clothes. Now that you have read the post watch this cute short movie called nuri.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The sixth dawn

A couple things I'd like to say, first I was looking through my two inch book of art (I seriously measured it), trying to find this picture so I'd know the name so I could put it on my blog. And when I found it, the description said, "Cornell's collages were inspired by those of Max Ernest". Well, Max Ernest is one of my favorite artists and I posted a picture of his on my blog before in the post about Alexander McQueen. I was like, "No wonder I liked this picture"! So you know what picture it is, it's The Sixth Dawn and it has birds in it and a sunset.

The Second thing is that I want to dye my hair. At school in writing, a lot of my short stories include people with pink hair. It could be a witch, a Fairy God Mother, or today it was a dwarf who dwelled in a dwelling in a dwindling forest. I really would like to dye my hair purple/pink like in the Givenchy ad, but now I sort of want pink, light blue and maybe a pastel yellow. All the primaries in pastel! I don't want all my hair dyed, just a part of my bangs. My Mom doesn't want me dyeing my hair because it's so beautiful but it would be even beautifuler if it had a mini rainbow in it! I tried dyeing my hair with a permanent marker, because I wanted my hair dyed so bad, but apparently permanent markers aren't that permanent.

Third thing, was when we where driving home one day, and my Dad asked me what way to turn, and I had to do the "L" thing with my fingers to figure out if it was left or right. So I decided if I ever get tattoos, they will be a small fancy letter "L" in the middle of my left middle finger and an "R" on my right, because it would look cool and I'd be able to tell left from right. Now you can look at the lovely group of pictures I put together...

Joseph Cornell collage, Rodarte spring 2011, My fancy egg decoration, The Sixth Dawn by Joseph Cornell, Proenza Schooler spring 2011, Givenchy fall 2010 couture, Picture from my bell of the ball photo shoot.

Monday, September 27, 2010


My very favorite book. If you ever see it at the library read it.

I love magical fantasy stuff and outer space.
cover of The Magical Land of Noom by Johnny Gruelle, Siri Tollerod in Lula magazine,Meadham Kirchhoff spring 2011,Trip to the moon,Christopher Kane resort 2011,Meadhan Kirchhoff spring 2011.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Prada spring 2011

I was just talking to my mom about how much I was looking forward to see the Prada collection, and then I got on the the computer typed in, and there it was - PRADA! It started out a little boring until the seventh outfit then it just got better and better.

Feja you look great! I really like the different size stripes and the fancy pattern with the babys and monkeys and I'm gonna need a close up shot of those shoes. I also love the way your glasses look Prada is really creative with designing glasses, remember the eyebrow glasses from fall?

Banana skirt! Reminds me of Josephine Backer, if you don't know who she is look her up, she was a very interesting person.
This outfit is so cool the gorillas are so cute!

I like the ruffly collar. It's sorta Elizabethan.
The figure dancing in the pattern also looks like someone wearing Josephine's famous banana skirt. I wonder if Josephine backer was one of the inspirations for this collection.

I really liked these fur things at first but then I thought but poor fox! Then when I showed my mom she said they were to big to be tails and the color was very fake so the must be faux. If I had one I would walk all over the city holding it to show it off and I would eventually get lost and then when it was dark I would have a big fuzzy pillow so I could sleep on the sidewalk so I would be well rested to find my way back home the next day.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My outfit today and stuff that's way more important

Do you see that crown? I wore it to school today. Do you know what it's made out of? Hershey's bar wrappers, some rainbow stuff I found at the beach, some old Candie, a sand shovel handle I found at the beach and a plastic jewel.

I also wore a red t-shirt with seven pins on it and here are a few of them.

It was very fun to wear that outfit to school because so many people complimented me and stuff. Speaking of outfits for school, one day at school I was imagining myself in colorful couture plastic hat's in my school setting. Then I thought that would be a great photo shoot for Vogue or any other magazine so I drew some pictures and here they are with pictures of the hat's. VERY important! If you or someone you know works on fashion magazines like Vogue or Harper's bazaar or something like that please send them the link to my blog so they can arrange to come to my school with couture hats and take pictures of me for their magazine.

Philip Tracy hat.

Now that my picture is compared to the real one I noticed that mine is a little too small and wouldn't it be fun to go to school wearing this and have some photographer taking pictures of you?

If I'd known there was a smaller pink version of Isabella's hat with a face in it I would have defiantly drawn a picture with that too.
Christian Dior 2010 fall couture.
Wouldn't I look so cool in this!?

Stephan Jones hat. I love this hat because it looks like someone through a water balloon at the back of their head and it popped and the water is falling all over their head.
That shirt is one I made all by my self. Wouldn't it look good with that hat?

Well good bye for now.