Saturday, September 18, 2010

I cant wait!

I just watched the full Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Collection and now I just can't wait till we live under water, and wear armadillo shoes, and have sparkly opalescent skin, and wear our hair in two braided arches on both sides of our heads and go on vacations to space. I added the vacations to space part because last school year I wrote a story inspired by this collection and the main character lived on an asteroid in space, maybe if I find it I Can post it.

This shoe is so cool I love the way it looks like oil on a parking lot. I saw oil on a parking lot today.
I used to think that the pants where just a shiny fabric but when I saw the close up I noticed all the tiny little beads sewn on in a flowy pattern and that just added a whole new level of amazement on top of the amazement from the top paired with it.
This is the top paired with the hand beaded pants. Is that amazing or what. look at all the wires and the way they flow and then the shimmery plastic stretched over it, what an extraordinary material. It must be fun to work with.
This dress looks like it could be a great ice skating outfit but it looks a little hard to move in much less ice skate in, also it doesn't look like it would keep you warm at all. I like the Honey comb pattern it reminds me of a shoe beyonce whore in a house of Daron add but Beyonces shoe wasn't 10 inches tall and shaped like an upside down crab claw. Exquisite!
Love the armadillo shoes I really need to get a pair.
Gorgeous hair. love the print.
I like the hand bag and you can't see it in this picture but there is a ring attached to the top so if you are wearing the bag it wont fall off! ingenious!
I like all the Rusty beads and stuff it very different from the very modernness and flow of the rest of of the Collection. It also makes me think of the tribe in Africa where they stack necklaces and it stretches their necks like a graph.
I love this picture its very 80s alien if that makes any sense to anyone. Oh I know what I'm thinking of I have this little plastic alien that I'm not sure where it came from but it's like the exact same color and it's shiny, but I'm not sure where I got the 80s idea.
This part looks like a wave, and I love the frayed edges and beads.
I really like the purple, blue, and black print withe those shoes. The sleeves are also very interesting.
The cut outs are very cool and the pattern is pretty.
I love all the glittery sparkles covering this dress.

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