Friday, September 10, 2010

Sea jellys and fudge!

Well it's three days into new york fashion week and more and more interesting stuff ceeps coming out so that's what I'll wright about today!(and the rest of the week).

Mandy Coon.
First of all said that Mandy coons inspiration is jellyfish. There is no such thing as a jellyfish the scientificall thing to say is sea jelly. isn't that fun to say! Seeeaaa jellyyyy. Also I love the hair even though it looks like a Justin bebier hair cut with a braid raped around. Is anyone else dying to know how to do their hair like that? That makeup would be good for Halloween because you could be a really cool ghost. Speaking of Halloween I have so many ideas for what I want to be I wish it was Halloween week not Halloween day.

Poor thing it looks like it's bleeding!
Isn't that the most gorgeous fabric ever!

Jen Kao.
The outfits reminded me of the last rodarte collection withe the colors, layers and the off white lacey stuff. Isn't the above wedding dress outfit look gorgeous? Also don't you want to eat the floor !? It looks like fancy fudge.

Kimberly Ovits.
The collection was nice but are those eyebrows bothering anyone else?
Cushnie et ochs.
I like the shirt but and I feel like an adult talking to a teenager when I say this, PULL UP THE PANTS!

Outer space cowgirl.

Christian siriano! Love the print not so much the outfit And I love how he thought about the savanna which seemed to be his inspiration while doing make up because it looks like they all have sunburn by their eyes.
Again love the fabric!
Giant shoulder pads? makes me think of lady gaga at the lollaplozza.

I um think this outfit is interesting. It looks sorta like a sea jelly or a human heart. It was definitely a showstopper.
ta ta for now!


Lori said...

jen kao so far is my favorite, i can picture alot of editorials on the beach with those outfits. and i also love the hair at mandy coon!

...look closer

adele said...

Wow. Stunning collections! I'd love to own some of those pieces.