Sunday, September 19, 2010

Home sweet home

Mary Katrantou's latest collection had fabrics with prints consisting of very colorful 70s interiors. The collection was very artful and abstract, beautiful and somewhat wearable all at the same time. This collection was very fresh and fun. I love the way the yellow curtains cascade down into part of the skirt.

This outfit is so colorful and fun I love the bright pink and green in what appears to be a dinning room. That shoulder thing is cool I like how it's so square and hard looking and the rest of the outfit is soft and flowy.

Did you notice the stairs curving around the neckline?
I really like the chandelier and the skirt it looks like an old lampshade you might find in your great grandmas house.
What a pretty floral it's like old faded wall paper.
I'm really liking these lampshade skirts, and the crystals hanging down are a very nice touch.

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