Thursday, September 30, 2010


This summer I decided that if I was a mythical creature I would be a unicorn Pegasus centaur or a unipegaentar and I don't think I would say anything different now except that I would have a pastel rainbow in my hair. I'd be a unicorn because they have shiny twisty horns in their heads. I'd be a Pegasus because I've always dreamed of flying (I've had some petty odd flying dreams) and I would be a centaur because they are half human And I like being able to use hand and it would be easier it wear clothes and we all know I love clothes. But I guess I could be a fairy if I had to.

Unicorn picture, Givenchy couture fall 2010 coat, sketches from Walt Disney's fantasia (one of my favorite animations next to Alice in wonderland), Roger viveir unicorn shoes and a picture from's scrap book.

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