Monday, September 20, 2010

Silly bands are addicting

For those of you who don't already know, silly bands are like rubber bands that have shapes like zoo animals, instruments and many many more and they come in many colors and types like glow in the dark and sparkly. The packages say collect them, trade them and wear them and that's just what everyone at school does. First there was a big group who traded them at recess and other people would stand around and watch, I was one of them. Then one day at recess someone gave me my first silly band and I knew I would be addicted. by the next day I had seven silly bands that people had given me. Last weekend I bought a twenty pack of silly bands and the next day I bought a ten pack. I had spent five dollars on silly bands witch is amazing because I bearly ever spend my money on anything. Now all my siblings have silly bands and so does most of the school.

My first silly band

Now I will list my collection:
.Detailed purple cat
.Arch backed purple cat
.white cartoon cat
.Black cartoon duckling
.Cartoon rabbit and same band in red and white
.White cartoon monkey
.Red cartoon bat and same band in white
.Cartoon bear in red and black
.Purple Teddy bear
.lavender polar bear
.pink flamingo
.Dark pink ice cream cone
.Pink and yellow tie dye heart
.pink and blue tie die flower(like the ones in sponge bob)
.Glow in the dark star
.Yellow tweety bird
.coral color seal
. sparkly pink baby clothes(my first silly band)
.someone playing guitar(which I call my uncle because my uncle plays guitar in a band)
.and all the other bands I'm going to trade
And it doesn't stop there.
.White glow in the dark dog
.Red teddy bear
.Orange hippo
.Black cat
.black bunny
.Purple rhino
.pink elephant
.Lime green graph
.and last but certainly not least a neon yellow lion.

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