Thursday, February 24, 2011

Prada Fall 2011

Last night I sat at my desk with my math homework sitting in front of me. I was crying because I didn't want to think at all so I sat there for hours and then decided to give up and sleep. It was snowing outside but I didn't want to depend on a snow day for a break from homework but when I woke up there was snow on the ground and we didn't have school, which meant I was able to watch the Prada fashion show live on It was the first live fashion show I'd ever seen so I was really exited. After the show I went outside to play in the snow. By lunchtime all the snow had melted. Later fresh snow replaced the old snow. It was like someone had a photo of our yard on Photo shop or something and they drew snow all over it, then they clicked undo then redo.
I spent much of the day waiting for the Prada pictures to be posted on When they finally where I got on paint and put pics together for this post. I loved the fur, plaid and most of all, the sequins! I loved the sequins that looked like fur. I liked those hats too, and the big buttons, Oh, those big buttons! The buttons gave me nice kindergarten vibes. Over all it was a wonderful collection.
The snake print coats! Oh, the snake print coats! The sequins! Oh, the sequins!
The plaids! Oh, the plaids!
The furs! Oh, the furs(I hope they are faux)!
And don't forget the shoes!
Edit: Sorry I forgot the link. Here it is:

Rainbow dogs and fancy cakes! My favorite things!

After seeing pictures of the Isaac Mizrahi show I decided that when I'm a rich and famous fashion designer I will buy 7 white dogs: a big poodle, a teacup poodle, a Yorkie, a teacup Yorkie, a chiwawa and one of those dogs that look like mops and some other kind of dog and have a Friend dye each of them a different color of the rainbow and they will feed them and tack care of them and I will name them barrow them when I want them. I remember when I used to watch ace of cakes and other shows like that and wanted to be a pastry chef. I made my own birthday cake when I turned 11 and decorated mini cupcakes at my 12th birthday party last year. I also wanted fondant as a birthday gift.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fall fashion week 2011

What it's fashion week!?! Well in that case I will display some of my fave shows so far.
Rodarte Link
I love all Rodarte clothes and this collection was no exception. I know It's inspired by the great plains but it made me think of my road Alaska trip this summer. I guess it's because they are both places that are still very wild and unpopulated or something like that.
Proenza schouler
I loved the shear and velvet dresses at the end. It was very Aztec or something, well I liked it like I always do when it's Proenza schouler.
Mary Katrantzou
The prints where beautiful they looked like the koi on the red envelope I received at the Chinese garden this month.
Meadham Kirchhoff
I didn't like it as much as the last collection but I did like it. The witch sweater was cool.
Jen Kao
The cooling lava on the side of the catwalk was very interesting. I liked the kind of handmade look of the clothes.
Cristopher Kane
Tavi was right it dose look like fruit roll ups. I loved the handbags they make me wish I had some cool colored clear plastic pencil case covered in glitter.
Bold Alexander Wang
I don't have much to say about this. I love the cape that's fuzzy at the top and silk at the bottom.
Rag & Bone
Don't have much to say about this either, I just like it.
It was a pretty collection.
Mandy Coon
This collection is only here because I like the hair and I liked the last Mandy Coon collection.
Marc Jacobs
Seeing spots.
Jason Wu
Very elegant.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


( *.* )
New bunny:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The wise old owl

I love Goodwill! And Marc Jacobs! And sweaters! And owls! And most of all, the 80s!
My outfit today consisted of an itchy sweater from goodwill (that according to the label is: 61% Mohair, 39% Acrylic and 3% nylon that was made in Hongkong) and a pair of shorts that I made. This collection was what made me buy that sweater. when I saw it I just thought Marc Jacobs! so I had to buy it.I also found this adorable owl thing at goodwill. I had to buy that too. Now I'm starting a collection of owls. My brother's Friend's mom has a collection of turtles and santas and I just love her house so I decided to start a collection of my own.