Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas gifts!!!

So for Christmas I got this lovely wig! I really love it and have been wearing it a lot and playing with it! It's great I've been wanting it for so long!
I also got this beautiful Rodarte ornament. It's hand painted and outer space!
One of my friend from school made me this pinkie pie card and another friend made a super kawaii manga style drawing of me but i don't get it till after break.
My brother made this cute elf thing with my face. (=^ェ^=)
Candy cane

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Krampus!

 after school at art club my friend Karli and I made this poster!
This is one of my sketch pages from last week.
I wore this today.

I wore a similar outfit to this yesterday. It looked really good with the new wig i got from Santa! I will blog my gifts tomorrow.
I wore somethin like this for the school spirit day but with a kawaii pastel sweater!
I wore this sometime last week.
This pic is from the set of a Christmas puppet show my friend and i filmed Sunday  It was supposed to be all edited and published today but i don't think that happened.
Here is a blurry nutcracker for your enjoyment.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Remember the princess i drew last week? Well someone else added to it and it was still there on Monday but they also drew two really cool faces and wrote "keep drawing!" so i was super excited about this communication with a stranger through art so i was drawing a bunch and was hoping it would be like an on going thing but then i think i went a bit overboard and the teacher said the school might not want me drawing on the desk (even tho it's all appropriate and totally erasable) and handed me a big sheet of paper to use instead and it was like, no, so now i cannot communicate with this cool artist again the same way. I have been using the paper for a doll person who will prob be in Galliano for Dior couture. Today it was all erased. (´Д`。) 
this one looks like John Travolta.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I've been sketching and doing a lot of art lately so I'm posting some here! I was inspired to post them by Danika. A lot of artist hate when they draw something really good on lined paper but i like it. It makes me like nostalgic and looks idk, cool. I had a bunch of loose papers with drawings from school so i made a binder for them!

Also I've was really interested in dots because of Yayoi Kusama and then i had a bunch of colored paper circles so i drew random little things on them:
I drew this like two nights ago and i really like it! It makes me feel young and childish! It was really fun.
Also on my desk in biology someone drew this cool fancy frame thing but it was empty so i drew this princess inside! I wonder if it will still be there by 5th period next Monday? will others add to it?
Happy Holidays!