Saturday, December 15, 2012


I've been sketching and doing a lot of art lately so I'm posting some here! I was inspired to post them by Danika. A lot of artist hate when they draw something really good on lined paper but i like it. It makes me like nostalgic and looks idk, cool. I had a bunch of loose papers with drawings from school so i made a binder for them!

Also I've was really interested in dots because of Yayoi Kusama and then i had a bunch of colored paper circles so i drew random little things on them:
I drew this like two nights ago and i really like it! It makes me feel young and childish! It was really fun.
Also on my desk in biology someone drew this cool fancy frame thing but it was empty so i drew this princess inside! I wonder if it will still be there by 5th period next Monday? will others add to it?
Happy Holidays!


gwen said...

I love all of these drawings! I love especially the two headless people sitting together and the flower-face on the mountain! :) awesomeeee


Maxens M. Finch said...

The paper circles drawings are interesting. It would make a good pattern for a small bag or other accessories.

Cess said...

Derp... so you are an amazing fashion dude AND you can draw amazingly?!!?!! I have the coolest blogging buds :)!! My favorite doodles are the first but they are all literally supa cool and rad!! Did you see pictures of the louis vuitton and yayoi kasama window in NYC?? Your dot shirt in the 4th doodle sheet reminds me of that... I hope people have added to your princess!!