Sunday, August 29, 2010

Proenza schouler dresses

Proenza schouler dosen't do cute dresses often but when they do they do it well.

I love the shine and tecture and colore of theise dresses.

I also loved the colerful hair in this collection, Marvelous I whant to dye my bags pinkish now.
The ruffle of the skirt is sorta old fashioned looking but paired with the clean lines and shine fabric it looks just right.
Again I love the shimer, shine and sparckle of thies dresses.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Some pictures I like to stare at

Blythe in custom John Galliano dress Alexander McQueen dress in harpers bazar.
Juicy couture viva la jucicy add.


Last weekend My family went to a kite festival with colorful kites in all sizes and designs and I saw synchronized kit flying. Have you ever seen synchronized kite flying?! The music would start and the kites lifted of the ground and formed a line and made a circle and jetted out It was amazing. Here are some pictures of the different tricks.

OK this isn't a trick it's just a whole bunch of stunt kites in the air.It's like a pinwheel.Don't you want to give this Teddy a hug? He looks lonely up in the sky. This kite was going down when I was taking the picture and does it look like its flouting out if the atmosphere into space to anyone else?
I wanted to get my picture in this kite like it was a giant round frame but it was in an off limits area.OWLS! my favorite animal and there's like 40 of them!I was taking pictures of thees when I met this cool artist who told me about some thing called the procession of the species so look it up.This kite was right above us so i could get a good picture of it isn't it cute!This was the grand finally see how the kites are red white and blue. the one in the middle I think is Canada.And because I spend way to much time on style .come everything reminds me of fashion so the kites reminded me of proenza schouer resort 2009 with the colors and geometric shapes. Also the pants in the picture below look like they are made with kite material.
Bye Bye!

Sea stars love miu miu

Either sea stars love miu miu or miccia prada loves sea stars.

I hope you like this beacuse I had to run all the way back to the car to get my camera for theis picures just for you.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sound suits, omg!

I was just reading my new inch thick September issue of Vogue today. I was really exited about how huge it was, but it was really just three times more advertisements and I like looking at those but then about 2 centimeters through (I was starting to get bored) when I turned the page and found a picture of a purple twig creature with a woven basket for an eye and a silky haired pink bunny holding a YSL purse. This was not normal for Vogue of course so I had to know more. So I read about them and found out that they are sound suits made by an artist named Nick cave. I had heard about sound suits before but I never knew what they were. anyway here are a couple pictures for you to look at. I want to Post them all but there are a lot so look him up. I will let you know when his website is up.

Bye Bye!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's a mod mod world

Summer seamed to go by so fast and now that summer is almost over school is almost starting. I would like a new back to school style and so far that's mod.

I love how twiggy just stands on a car like that in the middle of the city, It makes the picture interesting. Also her hair is beautiful I wish I could cut my hair like that but it seems A bit short for me.
Do you love the print on this dress as much as I do?

I know it's a costume but it looks really cool and if you move the picture up and down the pattern on her hat looks like it's moving!

watch this rudi gernreich video! It's fantastic!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm going to inspire you to recycle

I believe strongly in recycling and so do many other people so I'm going to share some stuff with you that will hopefully inspire you.

This is an outfit I made out of old contra maps, yarn, cardboard, stripes of what I think was a blow up pool toy, ribbon, and some random plastic objects. I recently added a pair of paper wings (that aren't in the picture) and more bows to the mask/hat thing. And why did I make this? Because lady gaga will be preforming near my home in the monster ball tour and I was hoping she would wear it. I Emailed her but all I got was the automatic response and nothing else so she probably won't wear it But I'm not giving up!

Alexander McQueen 2009 fall ready-to-wear. I know you want to see more of this collection, view it here!

Balenciaga Fall 2010 ready-to-wear. This collection was constructed out of many recycled materials and I can hardly guess what any of them are they did a good job disguising them. Here is the rest of the collection. Did anyone notice how the pictures seem to be getting bigger?

Bye bye!