Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sound suits, omg!

I was just reading my new inch thick September issue of Vogue today. I was really exited about how huge it was, but it was really just three times more advertisements and I like looking at those but then about 2 centimeters through (I was starting to get bored) when I turned the page and found a picture of a purple twig creature with a woven basket for an eye and a silky haired pink bunny holding a YSL purse. This was not normal for Vogue of course so I had to know more. So I read about them and found out that they are sound suits made by an artist named Nick cave. I had heard about sound suits before but I never knew what they were. anyway here are a couple pictures for you to look at. I want to Post them all but there are a lot so look him up. I will let you know when his website is up.

Bye Bye!

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