Thursday, October 4, 2012

Neon cyber geek nerd!

Today my costume was neon nerd/ cyber geek!!! I wore this REALLY bright diamond pattern sweater from goodwill and a neon yellow and blue shirt with matching glasses and my cool crystal form print pants! Look how it glowed even in the dark early morning! also i jointed the art club at my school and it seems pretty cool! lot's of interesting people, i cant wait to get to know them better! we will be doing some art projects during the year so i think one should be a fashion show because i and three others in the club enjoy designing clothes and the others could find other ways to help too like makeup or set or somethin!


Cess said...

HEY!!! Sorry I havent commented in FOREVER!!! Okay, okay, that sweater is gorgeous!!! It is, like, perfect... And your pants are really cute and interesting (those are the ones you wore when we met uo, right?)!!! Hows high school going? I hope its going better for you than for me... Email me!!!

DuskCloud said...

WoooOOooOOoo yay neon! Also, super cool trousers too!

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

you look great! you make a fabulour blonde. how are you liking high school?

Likewhitemocha said...

love that outfit ;) do you have tumblr?