Monday, October 1, 2012

Everyday is Halloween!!!

Happy October first! only 30 days till Halloween! So, I haven't been on here for a while but I've finally gotten around to it do i'm gonna post a bunch of different pics of my outfits from the post few first weeks of school! They're really cool and I've been really into the Halloween spirit recently so I've been kinda dressing like that. I will wear some sort of costume every day this month! I'm so exited I love October! what are you going to be for Halloween? I'm gonna be a creepy alien child from 'Village of the damned' or a ganguro girl! I have so much more to tell you about! i need to start blogging more frequently again!

at the orientation day I wore this all red outfit! it's kind of Givenchy inspired. Then on the first official day i wore this lovely amazing sweater my friend made for me! More about it Here. I had more outfits that week but it was all such a blur and i forgot to take pictures!

 i got voodoo doughnuts one day and burned incense and wore this psychedelic tie-dye shirt i got for free for watching the tie dye stand for some guy with Charlotte this summer! my cool metallic ghost socks and some apples.

I wore this pink button down shirt with my Kat necklace and a croquet collar and started putting glitter on my cheeks and i looked super Kawaii!!! then later that week i got my new white cosplay wig in the mail ans pinned this cherub picture to a t shirt, sorry it's covered by my iPod in the pic. I felt really angelic.

I made this necklace with a little plastic toy bat i had and ahve been wearing it ever since! I love it! also i made the plaid top thing in the above picture! Then i wore this: I was gonna wear an candycorn inspired outfit with my wig as the white top but i'd already worn the wig and it'a a little annoying to wear all day so i had to rusha nd put this together that morning and i think i woke up 20 min late! but it still looks good!

 I like the above outfit cuz it looks sort of crystalline with the pants print and cool tie dye! the below outfit i'm wearin my cool leopard print sweater vest and a cool 80s leather jacket with little bedazzled like stars on it! also i painted glitter all over my backpack! it looks really cool!

 then last weekend my sister decided to have a Halloween party with our siblings. so i wore the candy corn outfit! I played a Halloween playlist (i can post that on here later) i was working on but no one really danced and it was kinda boring.

 then i wore this in Sunday cuz i had to got to church. See how I made my hair a cross?! I really don't like church but it gave me a reason to wear this outfit.

 My grandma has cancer so she was getting surgery or something yesterday so made her this card. I know none of this is fun for her but if she gets to wear a colorful cosplay wig maybe losing her hair won't be so bad.

 me last night pretending to eat plastic ice cream! I love this picture! Today in honor of october I wore a bunch of googly eyes in my hair like some wierd monster! some random person just walked up and took one and i asked for them to give ti back but they just walked away. It didn't really matter i had plenty more but it was weird, i also gave one to my friend. some people asked if i could see through them and i said "no", Why did i say that!?! it would have been so much more interesting if i said yes or "not anymore, my hair dye blinded them." or somthin!
Ok bye, write to ya soon maybe.

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Sophie said...

googly eyes in hair = best idea ever!!