Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rainbow dogs and fancy cakes! My favorite things!

After seeing pictures of the Isaac Mizrahi show I decided that when I'm a rich and famous fashion designer I will buy 7 white dogs: a big poodle, a teacup poodle, a Yorkie, a teacup Yorkie, a chiwawa and one of those dogs that look like mops and some other kind of dog and have a Friend dye each of them a different color of the rainbow and they will feed them and tack care of them and I will name them barrow them when I want them. I remember when I used to watch ace of cakes and other shows like that and wanted to be a pastry chef. I made my own birthday cake when I turned 11 and decorated mini cupcakes at my 12th birthday party last year. I also wanted fondant as a birthday gift.

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Anonymous said...

My sister seid she my take care of them. :)