Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Chinese new year! Part 2

It's year of the rabbit so we saw signs like this.
After photographing the entryway we walked around to look for something to do. While walking around we found a wonderful Chinese store with toys, decorations and candy, but mostly decorations. This place was like a Chinese wonderland or something. I really enjoyed seeing all the stuff and taking pictures.
While I was wondering around I saw some people checking out, and when they left they said "Happy new year"to the person who worked there and I just loved that the rest of the city was already done with new year and where already a month into their new year, but here people have just started their annual new year celebrations.
Before we left the store my Dad bought a box of rice paper candies like the ones I had in class in second grade. Then he said "happy new year" to the store keeper and my family left the small beautiful store. There where six pieces of candy, one for each of my family members and me. There was a sticker inside the box too. It had two cherries on it and my Dad noticed it was scratch and sniff so we all smelled the Cherry sticker and ate our squishy candies wrapped in a thin layer of edible rice paper on the corner of the sidewalk looking around for somewhere else to go. We all wanted the sticker so my Dad said he would give it to the person who was best behaved at the end of our trip.

These reminded me of this Philip Tracy 2005 spring McQueen hat.

I wish I took more pics of these. They are lucky money envelopes that are given to children and other unmarried people on the last day of Chinese new year containing lucky money. I was just so overwhelmed by all the beautiful stuff that I didn't think of taking more photos.


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Paolina of Calur Villade said...

i love chinese new year! the tradition brings so many cool inspirations for outfits! :P