Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Paper couture

This summer I created a beautiful dress for lady gaga out of this pinkish paper. Well sadly lady gaga never wore it. So I had to do something with it and since I had a whole lot if paper left I made some more outfits and did a photo shoot with them and we didn't even take a picture with the lady gaga outfit. I made the pictures on the wall to make it look like an art gallery because my outfits are like art .So here are the Beautiful pictures I took. Yes those are paper pants and I would advise you not to try and make your own it would save you much tape, time, pain and disappointment. At the end of the photo shoot the pants where torn beyond repair.

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Anonymous said...

More from this shoot can be found inthe first issue of my (Jal-ap-en-o) zine.coming out in the fall of 2011.