Tuesday, September 21, 2010

London Street style

I was on style.com and I came across this (click on it or the post wont make sense) . Did you see that old Prada jacket! Proenza scholer! and Lot's of it.What did you think about that neon yellow poncho thing? That one bow makes her look like she has kitty ears. Did you see those Huge wooden shoes? I like the lace shirt with the colored fur vest, very stylish. My favorite picture is the one with the puffy gray skirt with blue flowers and pink dots, It makes me think of a sea jelly. I like that pink fringe belt very cool it looks vintage. Love the Miu miu kitten shirt. I'm sorry if this post doesn't make sense but you should have clicked on the this.

P.S.You know that bow I made for the photo shoot? Well I wore it to school today and most people liked it but one person that I don't really like walked up to me pointed at my head and said "Mind explaining this" in a voice like he caught me stealing something from his locker witch I would never do. But it was fun to waer other than that.

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