Thursday, September 16, 2010

Alexander McQueen

So (the place where I get my runway pictures) came up with a brilliant new idea so you can see the pictures from fashion shows and you can also see a video of the outfit moving. Well guess what, I don't think it's all that brilliant because first of all the video is fuzzy and I can't use the pictures on my blog because of the new videos! If you want to see it moving just go to fashion shows under videos. One more thing, they also only seem to do it to my favorite designers like Marc Jacobs, Rodarte and pronenza schooler. And I'm not at fashion week so I can't take my own pictures, so I will have to wright about something else and I choose Alexander McQueen fall rtw and lady gaga's Video Music Award outfit.
I must have taken hours to add all those feathers but I think it was worth it for such a beautiful jacket and I think the puffy tulle skirt balances it out so that it's not too long and skinny. The design at the bottom was a nice touch.
It's so detailed the studs on the sleeves the swirl designs on the front, and I love the way the skirt is pleated.

I didn't really like the folds in the front at first but now I think it's actually really creative and cool.
When I was looking at this painting (which is the inspirations for one of my latest collection that I will post soon) I noticed the figure standing on the peninsula staring out at the water looks much like the model above.
The fabric with the gray tie dye print and the embroidery look beautiful and the way the flowy skirt comes out and the train trails behind is perfect.
I love the non-semetricalnes of this dress a sleeve on one side, a glove on the other, gold feathers peeking out one side of the skirt and the fabric is gorgeous. Don't forget the shoes!
Again love the way the skirt is pleated. The red fabric was perfect for this outfit and that is extraordinary embroidery.
I like the new wig with the turquoise tips and the dress is amazing! It looks very medieval queen like the Alexander McQueen collection. The print of the skirt where the fabric looks ruffled and folded but the fabric is flat could look very costumy but surprisingly here it dose not and dose that feather Mohawk look familiar?

I wish I had these armadillo shoes I'd feel so tall I could see the tops of peoples heads! They do look a little hard to walk in but I'd wear em anyway.

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