Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The sixth dawn

A couple things I'd like to say, first I was looking through my two inch book of art (I seriously measured it), trying to find this picture so I'd know the name so I could put it on my blog. And when I found it, the description said, "Cornell's collages were inspired by those of Max Ernest". Well, Max Ernest is one of my favorite artists and I posted a picture of his on my blog before in the post about Alexander McQueen. I was like, "No wonder I liked this picture"! So you know what picture it is, it's The Sixth Dawn and it has birds in it and a sunset.

The Second thing is that I want to dye my hair. At school in writing, a lot of my short stories include people with pink hair. It could be a witch, a Fairy God Mother, or today it was a dwarf who dwelled in a dwelling in a dwindling forest. I really would like to dye my hair purple/pink like in the Givenchy ad, but now I sort of want pink, light blue and maybe a pastel yellow. All the primaries in pastel! I don't want all my hair dyed, just a part of my bangs. My Mom doesn't want me dyeing my hair because it's so beautiful but it would be even beautifuler if it had a mini rainbow in it! I tried dyeing my hair with a permanent marker, because I wanted my hair dyed so bad, but apparently permanent markers aren't that permanent.

Third thing, was when we where driving home one day, and my Dad asked me what way to turn, and I had to do the "L" thing with my fingers to figure out if it was left or right. So I decided if I ever get tattoos, they will be a small fancy letter "L" in the middle of my left middle finger and an "R" on my right, because it would look cool and I'd be able to tell left from right. Now you can look at the lovely group of pictures I put together...

Joseph Cornell collage, Rodarte spring 2011, My fancy egg decoration, The Sixth Dawn by Joseph Cornell, Proenza Schooler spring 2011, Givenchy fall 2010 couture, Picture from my bell of the ball photo shoot.

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