Saturday, October 2, 2010

We had a snowball fight above the clouds on the 1st of October

I have a feeling October will be a good month.

Me climbing a mountain.
A picture I took of a tree through a kaleidoscope magnifying glass thing.The mountain I climbed through some bushes and behind a lake were we stopped for a snack and tried to catch crawdads.This plant made me think of Alice in wounder land and today I spent an hour earning money on Webkinz to by an Alice in wonderland room. I also spent most of the time I wasn't hiking or climbing a mountain to dress all my webkinz for Halloween. My lioness is a skeleton, my elephant is a fairy princess, my tree frog is an exotic dancer and it is wearing a fruit hat a grass skirt and a colorful sweater. My spotted frog is a scare crow and my dog is a witch. I think I forgot to dress my Yorkie!Look I got to play in that snow in October! Many amazing things happened on that day.The sky is so gorgeous from a mountain it was like seeing a rainbow stretched over the whole state and we could see the clouds below and I thought it was the ocean. And the little trees where like miniature and it looked like a shrunken forest. We went to good will today! This is my outfit. I'm wearing silver sunglasses, a silver owl necklace with black eyes you cant really see it but it is there! The 80s sweater is from good will and I am in love with it I want to wear it everyday! I've been wanting a sweater for a while so I'm happy I finally got one. I was going to buy a pair of shiny blue and pink sunglasses that would have looked stellar with that sweater but sadly I didn't. My kitten!

I made the hat all by myself on a road trip like three years ago. The sparkly triangle thing I'm wearing is also from good will. And the purple, black and white high tops are from some jewelry store at the beach.

My other kitten! The glasses are made by me with a piece of Plexiglas, some pink ribbon, part of a Nerd Candie valentine that said "Roses are red, violets are blue, nerds are Sweet and so are you!" and parts of a nerd rope wrapper. I call them my nerd glasses but they don't look nerdy at all they are very futuristic. For October I was going to dress very witch like but now I think I will do 80s. Big hair! Neon!

OK since were talking about October I will talk about my Halloween costumes (my favorite part next to the Candie!). I've narrowed it down to three ideas Lady gaga, Creepy doll and a person from the Omo valley. Good thing I'm going to go to Lot's of Halloween parties or I wouldn't have enough chances to wear all them. The picture above sorta shows what the Omo valley person costume would look like, The people of Omo valley are very interesting so please look at some pictures of them here. For the lady gaga outfit I will wear my dads leather jacket (too bad it's brown and not covered with studs) and I will put Diet coke cans in my hair and do the makeup that goes along with that outfit. And for creepy doll I will wear the pink paper outfit with the matching hat/mask I made for lady Gaga. And in the center of the picture above do you see how the branch appears to be a High heel shoe?



m.fay said...

that last picture is so cool. i see a shoe too ;)


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Lisa Griffin said...

beautiful pictures, i love halloween costumes!!

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