Monday, October 18, 2010

Angel, Roosevelt and freinds

Guess what, I have actually been enjoying school the last two days. Yesterday I enjoyed writing a report on a fish with a transparent head and rotating lime green lensed eyes that lives in the deep see and today I enjoyed math (gasp) because there was a picture of someone at school on Halloween dressed as a witch and we need to figure out who it is.
A couple days ago I came up with a beautiful inspiring quote for people to like by.
"Live every day like it's a fashion show." Isn't that wonderful! And now random pictures I took...
President Roosevelt's collar. Makes me think of Miu miu fall 2010.
Since we where going to president Roosevelt's cabin this summer I was going to get a Teddy bear (Teddy bears are named after resident Roosevelt) and name it Roosevelt but there where no good teddy bears so I had a wet wipe with a bear pattern on it and I cut it out and colored it. Roosevelt is gone now.
I made her dress. My loose neck armadillo. I don't know why armadillo shoes are called armadillo shoes because they don't look like armadillos.
Sad pumpkin on my shelf.My loose neck rabbit.

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