Saturday, October 23, 2010


You all know I want to dye my hair right? Well I was thinking what if I want to change colors? Then I thought about Frenchy from grease. She changed her hair color at least three times so I thought maybe for Christmas I should ask for a couple of colorful wigs like the teachers have. All the teachers at school have some colorful wigs that they wear for special occasions like parties or weddings, yes we have had a wedding at school and I designed and made the wedding dress with recycled materials. And speaking of recycled clothes here is a video with me in it! I'm on YouTube! I'm wearing a recycled outfit I made and the very first person is wearing an outfit of mine too. My outfit is called Tokyo beach. Here are some pictures from the wedding...
The top is an old tank top with crushed CDs glued on as sequins. I wrapped some lace around the waist with more CD sequins and the skirt is plastic bags tied together with more sequins.
A drawing of the dress.
Oh! I almost forgot the veil is made of plastic bags that I tore into strips and wove together with some thin clear plastic attached in the back.
Ops! I got a little of topic. Now Frenchy! What pretty pineapple blond hair!
I love the flowers in her hair.
Pink! HOW PRETTY. Ops must have hit caps lock. Also look at the silver curler head pieces they remind me of the soda can stuff at McQueen fall 2009 and lady gaga's pop can hair.
Bye bye!

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Sister Shirley said...

Yay Frenchy! A forgotten style icon. That stupid Sandy in her slutty leather pants and frizzy hair gets all the attention. Thanks!!!