Monday, October 11, 2010

My Max Ernest Inspired Collection

This Max Ernest painting along with a few others where the inspiration for the exquisite couture collection I designed last month. My favorite part of Max Ernest paintings are the fantasy and the Gorgeous colors, so that's what I tried to show in my designs. I worked hard thinking of all the details that would make this collection amazing. It's by far one of my best collections. I think this collection is wonderful and I hope you agree. All the designs below are inspired by this painting...
A lot of the outfits include lace that if I was actually Making The outfits would be hand dyed with at least three different colors of dye. I would then crumple them up and stuff to make them look worn then I would get more dyes and splatter them all over the lace before using it to make the dresses.I'd use the same method of dying the fabrics too. The Dress above is covered in Small red feathers with big long feathers added in some spots to make it more interesting. It's inspired by the red dress in the painting.
This one was inspired by the water Sprite person in the painting. I would make it with silk dyed with silver, gold and blue. This outfit is inspired by the figure in pink that I would assume to be a princess. the fabric would be layered strips of lace dyed pink and bleached in some spots with glitter all over. It's pretty much a leotard covered in sparkly pink lace.

The last three outfits took inspiration from the person in gold looking out into the water, the stuff laying on the ground and the gold giraffe emu creature. The first dress consists of gold zippers, clockwork pieces and gold silk with gold leaved, glittery, lace layered on top. The second outfit is made of glass gems, gold feathers and more gold silk and lace. The last one has most of the same materials as the other tow except for the lace so the fabric is just gold silk.

Thees two outfits are inspired by the pinkish figure in the painting. That person has no clothes to work with for inspiration yet to me it was the most inspiring of all. I think it's because I have to be more creative to come up with the designs. Both outfits have a pair of shear pinkish leggings and both include lace that would be dyed purple, pink and maybe red, The main differences are that the on on the left is a one piece and the right ones a two piece, the hats are also different.
This outfit was inspired by all the monsters and the red dress in the painting above it. I would start with a red dress that I would probably make from velvet. Then I would make the tube top part out of green lace, silk and Velvet that would all be dyed red, blue, brown, green, silver, gold, purple and yellow to create a grayish bluish greenish fabric to mimic the colors of the creatures in the painting. The top would also consist of real shark teeth and the glass eyes used in stuffed animals. Then the top would be worn over the dress.
This pretty white lace dress was inspired by this collage. It would be made with white lace over white silk. It would also look good with little pearls on it.
This beautiful jacket dress is inspired by this painting. I would make it with red, orange, yellow and gold colored lace over red silk or maybe velvet, and It would have really cool sleeves with gloves attached to the end so you wouldn't need to wear gloves because they'd be part of the dress already.The dress on the left was inspired by this painting and the one on the right was inspired by this one. The outfit on the left would be made of emerald green leather, Feathers and silk. The outfit on the right would be made of lace dyed with all the colors you see in the picture and would be worn over emerald green silk pants and a matching top. The headpiece is supposed to be made of clock works, gold leave and a horn.
The dress above is inspired by this beautiful green Max Ernest painting. The lace top would be dyed with emerald green, lime green and yellow dyes. The skirt would be emerald silk and the sleeves a minty shear. the green dots you see are glass gems. That's all I hope you liked it!

Now I'm not much of a YSL fan but I did like thees two outfits. I just wish they didn't have shear tops.

Now go look at more Max Ernest art you know you want to.

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Ellinor Forje said...

It's a bit freaky, but nice;O) You have it going on with the designs. Come and visit my blog too, when you have time.