Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The show we've all been waiting for... ALEXANDER McQueen!
Spring 2011.

This really was an amazing show. The theme seemed to be sorta woodland fairy mixed with everything. I noticed that many previous Alexander McQueen shows where revisited in this one. The Fancy floral embroidery ones are reminiscent of Fall 2010 and the way the skirt is made is very much like the ones in Resort 2011. The butterfly dress and feather dress incorporate some of the same shapes and materials used in Spring 2008. Many of the suits reminded me of Fall 2008. The dress with the tree bark print and the fur around the neck mimicked the shape of Spring 2010 even the many layered gown toward the end looked vaguely familiar.

And before you leave I'd like you to see some pictures of an outfit I put together incorporating part of my brothers transformer costume. It's a body suit with a car part pattern that's really cool so I was like why not use it in an outfit? hope you like it!

Bye Bye!


Gina Ray said...

first of all the the outfit is hot... quirky punky.. pant look a little mcqueeny.. lol.. and i love this seasons collection ..they are genius.. i believe..

Anonymous said...