Monday, October 4, 2010

Grow you lazy pumkins!

This is the biggest pumpkin in our pumpkin patch and there's only like 20 days left till Halloween! Grow you lazy pumpkins! GROW!

Well since the pumpkins aren't growing I had to be creative so I'm getting apples of the ground and carving them like jack-o-lanterns with my finger nails because I can't carve pumpkins.My outfit today! It was inspired by the color pink and the scarf I'm wearing. Notice the paper pink bow. Today at school we where going to do some experiments in thew forest near our school but apparently there's a water Buffalo running lose out there so the teachers decided it was safest to stay on school grounds rather than walk around with a big dangerous water Buffalo from Africa. I Feel like being witchy this month(sorry 80s maybe next month). I feel like reading goosebumps and watching the Adams family. I feel like doing a witchy photo shoot. Oh wait, I already did! OK the story for the photo shoot is a witch who lives in an old trailer with Lot's of black cats. Speaking of cat's we decided what to name the kittens we're keeping. We where going to name one Spook and One spirit but hen someone came up with Boo. Then I said we could name one Spook-a-Boo and that's what we'll name it. There was a kitten in the cupboard that I was trying to get out.


Now here is some spring 2011 that sorta goes with the witch theme...

Givenchy style X Tee
Miu miu
It would be cool to wear this outfit with someone but it would get annoying after a while...
"I want to go buy some flowers!"
"I want to go to the circus."
"No! Flowers!"
Wait I think I see a zipper in the middle.
"Look a zipper! we can zip of each other so you can go to the circus and I an buy flowers"
Now everyone's happy!
The Givenchy collection was wonderful as always. One of my favorite looks from Givenchy this season is the all cheetah dress with the short blond hair cut, it's sorta alien like to me like it's for a Queen on a planet in a beautiful nebula .There weren't many Witchy Alexander McQueen clothes this season but there where from past years so hear is a section dedicated to McQueen...

Bye Bye!

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