Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Mask

I made the headband for Thanksgiving.
I've been wearing this hat a lot lately. I knit it with a nifty knitter on a road Tripp years ago.
I made this with Hershey's wrappers, candy, stuff from the beach and a plastic gem. It looks very exotic in this picture.



Anonymous said...

I just added someting new to my sidebar! I call it inspirational Fashion photo.


Dahl said...

Cool mask! It likes kind of French-mime paired with the red striped shirt. Wow, you made these headpieces?? Amazing! I always love arts and craftsy projects. Great work, I am following your blog now!

Jack said...

I really like the mask, its like a whole phantom thing going on. I commend you on your knitting skills, I tried knitting and I had to throw it away because I was so appalling at it!