Thursday, December 30, 2010

There weren't no sugar plumbs

Usually on Christmas eve children dream of Christmas stuff like cookies and presents and so did I. One year I dreamed up a Kaleidoscope of Christmas stuff like Christmas trees, Candie canes and cookies. This year however I dreamed of getting my picture taken with Daphne Ginness after she climbed down a giant building as a giant in some sort of white plastic bikini/armor and tall white shoes like these Alexander McQueen shoes. Fashion is starting to seep into my dreams. Did you know I've had three dreams about Lady gaga?


Anonymous said...

Can you belive it's 1-1-11 today and in ten days it will be 1-11-11 and on november 11th it will be 11-11-11!

Bahj/fish said...

oh..that is strange.

..anyways,happy 2011! and..i still dream of sweets.i woke up to a home made cinnamon roll on christmas,lovely-right?

Anonymous said... is doing a new year giveaway.