Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My new hair!

Hi everyone! I just got my hair did like two days ago. I didn't have the turquoise color added like I had planned which is a big surprise because the day before I was like "I can't believe I'm getting blue hair" and then I was also really exited if I saw anyone else with colorful hair like this one lady at McDonald's who had purple hair. Anyway, I got my hair cut and stuff then we bleached it and went to see twisted at the movie theater. then we where going to get the turquoise dye but we saw how nice it looked like this and we Left it alone. Later we went to a home improvement store and I found the color turquoise I wanted in a paint sample and gave to my hair dresser and she is going to get the color and we'll dye it later. So hear it is, I made sure to take lots of pictures...I spent most of recces today taking pictures my of hair. Now its time for a strange made up conversation!
Someone: Hey, aren't you that weird kid who takes pictures of yourself at recces!
Me: Yes
Someone: Oh, cool (then they walk away awkwardly).Are you wondering about that hair thing on my head? Well if you are then I will give you some information about it. It was inspired by this... I love my new hair I think it makes me look cool, professional, responsible and like a Manga character.
My hair looks like plastic in this picture, doesn't it? Well yesterday I made some collages and I'd like to share them with you...I would describe this one as a 70s winter melting into spring. This part would have been fine by itself.
This one is sorta those preschool vibes I've been getting from old school stuff.
There's an envelope on the back to put stuff in! I'm going to make more once we get some more glue. Bye Bye


Pashupati said...

You remember me of Simon Doonan.
Not that I've known him personally, but.
You remember me of fictional him as a child in that Beautiful People TV-Serie (haven't read the book, but read a book called also Beautiful People about YSL and Karl Lagerfeld), there goes the ending of my sentence.

Annushka said...

Very nice post dear))) Your blog is very interesting.