Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Whip Your Hair

I'm getting my hair dyed soon and I'm trying to decide what color to do. I've decided to do magenta, lavender or turquoise but I can't decide witch. For a couple hours I've decided I'm doing magenta all around the ends then suddenly I'm like someone else at school has magenta I want light turquoise streaks. I'm so exited! I spent all day yesterday finding pictures of people with colorful hair for ideas and here they are...
You just can't have a collection of colorfully haired people without gaga! This is a wonderful outfit minus the glasses. I put some pop cans in my hair like this last night. I didn't notice that this hair style was green when she wore it at the VMAs, I thought it was blue.
I want to bleach all my hair and dye the ends but my mom won't let me. I haven't asked her but I know she won't let me so why bother?
This is what I meant by magenta around the ends. I really like this but like I said someone else at school at the same table has magenta and so dose Abby Lee in the picture and I want to be unique. My mom won't let me dye it all :( . I also cant do a rainbow of mint green, Cotton candy pink, lavender, pastel yellow and light turquoise :( .

Hi Tavi. Random picture of pink haired modle, Lady gaga pictures, chanel couture spring 2010, Proenza schouler spring 2010, Abby Lee Kershaw, Rianna, Giles spring 2010 And Tavi.

Now some more stuff:

look at that hair. It is unbelievable! So pretty. It reminds me of Voyage for some reason.
I like her glittery eyebrows. She looks so perfect.
It's a who!
Cute doggy.

With this hair you don't need pets or zoo's. They also can't bite or run away.
This is EXTRAORDINARY! It is also really beautiful, look at it!

Bye bye!


Zarna said...

all of those hair style are AMAZING! i can't wait to see what you come up with!

Zabrinah said...

Woah! I never knew you could do so much with hair! Lol!

Best wishes from one blogger to another,


agent 0017 said...

i want to dye my hair so bad, but its my school in the way, not my parents :(
great pictures and cool blog though!