Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Can See a Yellow Duck

Lately I've been having these Preschool vibes that I got when I was looking through some of my old notebooks. There where crayon scribbles and drawings and stuff but then I found this page with some random stickers on it and I was instantly inspired. The stickers were a school bus, two moose, a child from china, a kid that I believe is from Tibet, a wood race car, And two other kids I am pretty sure are from other parts of the world too. I also set a pencil on it that has frogs on it and it says School frogs. How dose this make me think of Preschool? Well, First of all it reminds me of those books with like a picture and a word and it has all kinds of stuff to teach kids what things are called. That's where I think these stickers came from. The bus is just a school thing so it's obvious how that reminds me of school. The toy car is like all the toys at preschool. And the different children from around the world make me think about learning about how other people live and stuff. I love the way they dress especially the Chinese girl.These are some Lima beans with faces that my mom used to use for teaching.My favorites are the ones with bows.I also got my preschool scrap book out and looked at all the pictures. My Friends and I where so cute!
Yesterday was tie day at school. This morning when I woke up I had completely forgotten it was tie day but when I went downstairs to get some socks and I saw my brother rummaging through my dad's stuff I yelled "I call the Micky mouse one!". Isn't it cute!

This is one of my beautiful Disney pins from my last trip to Disney land.
Outfit: My old I Rock T-shirt that I gave to my brother but I stole it back for today, my shimmering pastel 80s shirt thing, My dad's Micky mouse tie, My Disney pin, red Old navy sunglasses, my black, white and purple high tops and hand-me-down skinny jeans.


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R. Gratz said...

It's always really fun to go back and look at the things that we made as kids. Always floods me with great memories and man, was I a hilarious kid. Totally digged this post! :)