Monday, May 30, 2011

Beehives are made out of pentagons

If you haven't heard it yet listen to Americano here. Then read my ideas for a music video for it.

This outfit is for when gaga meets the girl in east LA in the floral shorts. She is wearing a Romance Was Born (or as I like to call it Bad romance was born this way)(Punny! :) violin dress because of the violin music in the background And a Jean Paul Gulitier hat.

This is also Bad romance was born this way! It's for all the Lalalalalas. She will have many backup dancers behind her and they will all have those little clapper things in their hands!

At some point it will be day and there will be light and a fake daytime background but then the light will turn slightly bluish and the background will become night in fast motion and at the same time there will be people changing the color of her hair from red and yellow to white and blue(like the pool party Polly pocket)! they will also add more powder to her face to turn it from white to lavender, then the will paint stars on her face and change her Comme des Garcon crown.

This is for all the I don't speak your I don't speak your langua-doo doos and she will wear a red Meadham kirchhoff hat with flowers and a sheer dress with many little pockets each filled with marigolds worn over a plain shredded T-shirt and she will be dancing with four backup dancers in a field of marigolds.

This one is for every time she sings ahahahahah America Americano! again with four backup dancers dancing in a little Mexican village. She will wear Givenchy couture, Giles dino bag and Dior couture hat.

when lady gaga sings about marriage on the west coast she wears a bridal gown from lee's last collection and a comme des garcon veil/headdress thing. Then her sister(it doesn't have to be her sister that's just who I imagined)also wears a McQueen gown and comme veil and then they are holding hands and it's their wedding. Her wife(sister or other)is waving at people and talking and smiling and although gaga is holding her hand she seams unaware of everything and she is just singing. Also you can only hear the song, the wedding guest are silent even though they are obviously making noise! Oh and there is a wedding cake with red peppers instead of flowers or other decorations for no reason at all and gaga just takes one and bites it like it's taffy then her face shows no signs of displeasure like the spiciness of the pepper doesn't effect her at all! later she moves away from the group alone and shows us a mountain like one of those people displaying a number in a suitcase on Deal or No Deal. That was my idea until I found this YSL wedding dress: Now I'm unsure. I don't want to completely change that part of the video to include this dress. Maybe she wears it when presenting the mountain.

Near the end when she sings "don't you try to catch me don't you try to catch me no,no,no liven on the edge of living on the edge of the law law law" she will wear this Alexander McQueen for Givenchy dress dancing in a small fenced in area in the middle of nowhere (AKA the dessert) with a bunch of chickens because the word americano sounds like Ameraucana. Then gaga and her new wife run toward the horizon of the dessert at sunset in their wedding dresses holding hands.

P.S. I dyed my hair red as in carrot top, Irish, redhead. Not Primary red, blood red, or cherry red. you can see it soon. I was Lady Gaga for celebrity day at school and I am working on designing other gaga music vids. Bye!


D♥R said...

You are fierce ! Its sounds like a great videoclip and that YSL Wedding dress ♥♥♥ !

Randi said...

I am amazed, Ben!!!!