Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow,snow,snow,snow,snow and fall!

Hi! I got snow! Sadly it didn't Last long and we still had school but it was nice while it last. Last night it was snowing so at about 11:00 I went outside and took pictures and got some really interesting ones! I was a little scared because it was dark out and i was all alone but i thought "nothing bad can happen when it's snowing here!" It was so fluffy and magical! It transformed my yard!!! So i wanted to share some of the pictures with you. I used flash because it was dark and the camera didn't pick up any light or image. It looked really cool! the snowflakes shined and it made for some unexpected effects! It was interesting the way i didn't see a picture on the screen until i took the picture and the light flashed. I wondered what others might think seeing something moving around outside in the snow at eleven flashing all the time. Also this is IMPORTANT! If you would like to receive my email magazine please email me at I know winter started a LONG time ago but i was lazy and didn't get it finished in time. So DON'T WORRY I have not forgot or quit my magazine, I simply have not finished it. I got distracted and lazy, BUT i will finish it soon! Then i will get right to work on my next issue! Enjoy the pictures!I took more too but these are my favorites! Don't they somewhat look like outer space with the snowflakes as stars?

Ben says bye!


Cess said...

I am glad that you are glad that you got snow!! Im sorry it didnt last long... But still. The photos are very pretty! I like the last one best.

Carla said...

I read your interview on charlottes blog and you are the coolest boy I have seen. Sorry if that creeps you out. I have never seen snow, but your photos are so pretty. The second last one is great. I am following.