Saturday, March 3, 2012

Glitter shoes!!!

This is a pair of shoes that i got from goodwill and decorated using this Rookie diy. Then i beaded the shoelaces with my normal name on one and my alter ego's name on the other. I love Them!
Ben says bye!


Cess said...

Oh My gob!!! These are so Awesome!!! YAY!!! THEY ARE REALLY COOL (if you get my drift) if you dont understand yet THEY ARE THE COLLEST SHOES I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!!! GOG!!! okay that was a weird teen girl fan freak out so Im gonna leave you in peace now...

gwen said...

OOOOOOOOH! These are really cool! I would have never thought of glittering up sneakers... just pumps and such. I think this is AWEsome! And I like your alter ego name! Kat SUITs you somehow. :)


Anonymous said...

Nice job on the shoes - they are like skater, 90s, fabulous or something!

Peter @