Thursday, June 24, 2010

Harajuku Lovers

I was at the mall a few weeks ago and in the perfume section and I saw harajuku lovers fragrances sitting on the shelf. I had seen the advertisement pictures for it in past trips to the mall and loved it even though I didn't know what the advertisements where for. later I found out that harajuku lovers was a perfume by one of my favorite singers Gwen stefani. Any way, I saw them sitting there so of course I had to smell em I smelled G, Baby, some others, but my favorite was Love. I don't remember why I liked it, I guess it just smelled good, so next time I go to the mall if it costs under $10 I'm getting it for sure and if not I may make a small exception, cause it would look great on my shelf and it smells good. To learn more, go to the web site. I will blog about harajuku fashion and my plans for Halloween tomorrow.

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