Monday, June 21, 2010

Resort Collections

This year I promised myself that I would look at all the 2011 resort collections. So every day I log onto and see what's new in resort . I have probably missed a couple of collections already but from what I've seen here are my favorites...

#1. Fave: Givenchy

It makes me want to move to the hills of Sweden near a small white Church and own a farm with chickens and goats and make my money as an artist while wearing all givenchy clothes in an Ikea house eating tarts and drinking tea. If you look at it on you will also probably see why my new favorite color is red.

#2.Fave: Celine

I thought all the outfits where very wearable and looking at this collection I imagine a person wearing those clothes at almost any resort (except for a ski log).

#3.Fave:Stella McCartney

The beautiful folds, the colors, the shiny fabric, the lace, the flowers. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL! I really liked this collection and the one floral jacket, I was like, I want that!

#4.Fave: Lavin

This collection is hard to Explain. It's ghostly, pretty, detailed, I love it. Looking at the pictures I could see this person leaving the house for parties, award ceremonies, work. All I have to say is beautiful.
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Randi said...

Ben, I can hope that you love all that stuff! I even like it, so YOU should like it!!! AND I CAN SEE WHY!!!! It is so you!

Randi said...

I like these, the #s of them any way: 2 ( the one you posted) 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, <3<3<3 12!!, 14, 16 ( yes I even like some rompers, like this one!) 19, 20, 22, and 29. out of the ones that just pop up right as you click on your link. Those are MY favorites. BUT #12 is my FAVORITE! it is a nice dress.....