Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pig in a basket

Hi I just wanted to show you some of my recent designs. They where inspired by this:
My Friend got it in Canada with a pig shaped moon cake inside. It tasted terrible but I loved the basket so I am very pleased. It had some ribbon around the top that I didn't like so I removed it.
This is what I wore to the library today:
These are my eyes.
This is my book. It's about Holland. It is quite interesting. I learned that they made Holland bigger by making walls to keep the ocean out, So most of Holland is below sea level! Isn't that cool! Also the book was written in the 1800s so it's cooler. I love writing from that sort of time because they used wonderful words and wrote in an interesting way. Also I am part Dutch.
This is my necklace. I made it with safety pins and earned a dollar making an identical one for a Friend.
Then after the library I went to the dollar store and got some new black nail polish, topcoat, googly eyes, candy and baby shower safety pins! Then I made a a similar necklace to my other one but I used thick yarn in a pastel color to match the baby theme.
Ben says bye!


Randi said...

Did you dye your hair back to blond??

Anonymous said...

Rainbow hair colors fade so quickly.

Zola said...

Wow! Your designs are really cool and the necklaces too! One day, you'll be a famous designer =)

Pashupati said...

Hey, tell me, did you read a book on fashion drawing?
Because, I'm not-so-good at drawing, but I've been trying, and I think I'll buy Dominique Savard's book on fashion drawing or some other. It really bothers me not being able to draw because I have ideas!
I'm beginning by drawing figurines, found out I liked watercolors and it actually worked for me, and I use one of these little articulated mannequins a a model.
Have you ever used a Fashionary? How did you learn to draw?
I guess I just need to train more, and watch videos about (fashion) drawing on YouTube. I always thought of drawing as something "not for me", so...
Ah, I wish I had a friend like you, you're cool.
BTW, your designs and DIY are pretty good :)

Handbag Lovers said...

omg the necklace! Now i really wish i had one for myself haha its cheap and pretty (:

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Nabila said...
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