Wednesday, October 5, 2011

There's a garden of dead flowers growing in my garbage can

I guess there's some similarity between the dead flowers in my garbage and the latest McQueen collection but there is one difference and that is that I absolutely love the McQueen collection where my dead flowers just aren't nearly as stunning. I would describe the collection as clothes for an underwater, SiFi, slightly Elizabethan queen. I really liked the beaded lace hat/masks that where paired with the clothes they made it more magical! This is my favorite Shara Burton collection so far. I love jellyfish and they where obviously an inspiration for this collection. I will post a medley of pictures of me and stuff from the last few weeks soon. My hair faded back to normal but I will dye it blue for school pictures! I will be in Hawaii for Halloween so I won't pack a Halloween costume because we aren't going trick-or-treating so I will Put together costumes this month before leaving and make videos of them for you. I have also been really into Nicki Minaj songs and can rap almost all the words to three of her songs. Also me and my friend are going to write some music and I will make an amazing music video! I also need to start posting pics of the designs I sketch because they are beautiful and I know you would like them but for some reason I just never post them I also did some collages I should show you.
This dress reminds me of a mermaid.

This was one of my favorite looks.