Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Barbie in Tibet

I was looking at Dior shows on and I found one that seemed interesting but I didn't spent very long looking at it and I didn't know what season it was so it took forever to find again but I finally found it! There where three parts to the show but the part I was looking for was described by John Galliano As "Barbie goes to Tibet." I think it's my new inspiration! I better go pick up some white false eyelashes and giant rainbow barrettes! I'll also need to braid my hair every night to get that crimped look, or easier would be to just barrow my Friends crimped blond and pink wig. I might have to go shopping for some more colorful clothes at good will too, Hope I can find a kimono! lol! :) You can view the rest of the collection Here.
Ben says bye!

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ernie said...

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