Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving outfit 2011

Hi! This is what I wore for thanksgiving this year! I made the sweater and collar! They are going to be part of my fashion show this year, So it's kind of a sneak peek! The food was really good, especially the chocolate pie! So yummy! Hope your thanksgivings where wonderful too! Have a happy Holiday season! I already cut down my Christmas tree and am gonna start decorating soon! Been listening to Christmas music for almost a week and eating about five mini candy canes a day!
Ben says Bye!


Laura said...

love the top and the boots!

Zola said...

Nice sweater! I can't believe you made it (and the collar) by yourself!
Very cool outfit =)

lalli said...

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Tiago Aleixo said...

Love your blog and I'm following you now!!!

It is so adorable!

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Tiago Aleixo

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Cess said...

Your style is ammmmmmaaaaaaaaazzzzziiinnnnnggggg!!!! Wow you made the collar and sweater, that really radical (I sound dorky, don't I)... Anyway you have really cool style and gold dr.martins (those are dr.martins, right)... anyway... YAY!! (sorry that was odd)