Sunday, April 15, 2012


   Hi!  Yesterday was my birthday! I'm 14! I choose to go to the city and aimlessly wander around exploring! We started at the Saturday market where we saw cool things like neon hats and star shaped rings with dead bugs in them that looked glow-in-the-dark! I bought two Mexican bobble heads for my collection One a dragon the other a grasshopper. I also have an armadillo and rabbit from north Dakota three birds from Hawaii and one flower shaped one from the beach. Usually they are turtles but I don't really like those ones so I got all the different kinds. My mom bought some stuff too. Then we went to the food court and got noodles where a marimba band was blasting out their music possibly damaging our ears. There we ran into a teacher from our school and saw their new baby! They said thanks for the onsie i decorated for them!

   Next we stopped by the 24 hour Church of Elvis and I took some pictures on our way to a really cool book store.

 At the book store I got an issue of Italian Vogue because my American Vogue subscription ended. It was weird because i couldn't read much (Italian) but there where some cool pictures. It also came with a special couture edition and a catalogue of accessories. I would like to have gotten Japanese Vogue because it's all in Japanese but it didn't look as interesting, it cost more and it was smaller without the extra issues.

 But! I did get a whole book all about Harijuku which totally made up for not getting Japanese Vogue! It's so awesome! I love Harijuku! It's my favorite place! Yeah it's really amazing.

 I also got a book about fashion and how it works and stuff.

 Then we went into a few art galleries on our way to the doughnut shop where there is always a huge line! We got there and got in line and listened to this bad preforming there and gave them a dollar for rent. In line we saw people with many colored hairs like purple, red, and most wonderfully Blue! It was so awesome their hair was all blue and they had matching glasses and they where playing with a Yo yo! Then we got inside and ordered our doughnuts, six maple bacon bars, three voodoo dolls, a bubble gum and a blue/pink sprinkles. Then we walked away with our blue box full of magic doughnuts and when home where we later ate the doughnuts and I was sung Happy birthday. I spent most of the rest of the night reading my new books and stuff. The End

 Ben says bye!


Zola said...

Seems like you had a super cool day yesterday for your birthday! Haha, three times day in a phrase. :) Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Randi said...

The bubble gum one looks delicious! Does it really taste like bubble gum?? I love that doughnut shop. I went there with Elise last summer after the big parade. The bacon maple bar is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love them so much. Maybe, if you come visit me, you should bring me one :) They're my favorite. I'm so glad you had a fantastic birthday!

Maxens M. Finch (ex: Pashupati) said...

Hey, happy birthday :)
I think there is a typo: it's Harajuku, not Harijuku.
Such nice cakes and donuts, too!

Cess said...

Happy birthdaayy to you! Happy Birthday to yooouu!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BEEEENNNNNN!!!! happy birthday to yoooooooooouuuuuuuuu!!! *sung in a very off key voice... your day sound like awesomesauceness (that is a word for cool people)!! And the Italian vogue=so inspiring (I like foreign vogues better than American vogue, which is a little bit boring, in my opinion), the other magazine is even more RADICAL!!! AND THE BOOK!!! GAHHH, COOLNESS!!! oh btw do you have the Alexander McQueen book, if not get is it is AMAZING... sorry for all the caps in this comment... okay, toodle-loo