Friday, April 13, 2012

A pig?

 Tomorrows my birthday! I'm going to the city with my family to do fun stuff! I'll take pictures and post them!
 I went to the library today and found some really cool Japanese Manga books and I was really happy because I'd been wanting to read some for a while. I just really LOVE that drawing style! I want two buy one and then tear every page out and glue them on my wall as wallpaper! Anyway The one I started reading is called Pixie POP and it's about Mayu who has a crush on someone but they don't really notice or care about her and she feels they can't be together. I'm in a similar situation except not as dramatic and I didn't accidentally drink a magic potion and transforms me whenever i drink something! Isn't that awesome! It's kind of weird to read though because it's all backwards compared to English novels so it's somewhat confusing but I think i got the hang of it. I haven't started reading the other one but I think it's about an ogre descendant trying to win back his ancestors island or something! Yeah! I love Japan. =)

Look At those beautiful eyes!

 Oh I did a presentation to my class about japan but I don't think it went well. People didn't seem interested in J-POP, my Japanese food wrappers or learning how to say Hello my name is _______ and cat in Japanese. I think we kind of represented japan as a crazy, pop culture, Harijuku, fashion, Kawaii place (which is the part I really enjoy) rather than a cultural, historic, important place or whatever. I feel kind of bad as if I've reinforced stereotypes about japan being crazy or something :(
 Ben says Bye!


Cess said...

i have some friends who are super into the manga! i've never read any of it but I should probably go to the library and get some (they, the books, seem SUPER AMAZING!!!!), so yeah... I'm sorry your presentation didnt go well... I have learned that people are silly (especially 14 year old boys at my school), apparently it is not socially acceptable to ask the guy you like what his views on abortion are! A strange world we do live in... Sorry for my blabbering about my life and boring you to death... THESE COMICS SEEM COOL!!!

Maxens M. Finch (ex: Pashupati) said...

Though, you could have talked both about mangas and history and culture, linking it someway. It's really stressing when you thought you did good, and then only reinforced stereotypes and such, but it happens to everyone and we can always do better next time :)
Hey, did you read The One? It's a manhua, but it's great.