Tuesday, May 29, 2012

(Jal-ap-en-o) spring 2012 third issue!

Here it is! The 3rd issue of (Jal-ap-en-o)! Its really great! I hope you all like it! I know I do! I think that's all I have to say...well, enjoy!

It seems I have confused people, The Spring issue is all the post from here to "Fireworks" There is a link list in the sidebar with all the posts included in this issue. Sorry


Olive Green Anna said...

Hi Ben.

your blog is really wicked!

I think you are a creative chap.

I wasn't able to access your spring edition of Jal-ap-en-o. Is there a secret?

Troy Frystak told me about you! I am his sister-in-law living in germany.

I love vintage and fashion too!!!


Cess said...

YAYAYAYAYA!!! the Jal-ap-en-o issue is out again!!! this makes me a very happy duckling :), I like ducks... The picture you have with this post is amazing!!! GAHH you always make such great pictures for this.. hehehheh, really its kinda awesome...

Patchwork-of-dreams said...

Nice post :)
I look forward to see you !

xoxo ♥
from: http://Patchwork-of-dreams.blogspot.com

Sofie Marie said...

I think it's amazing your so actively creative! In the sense,that your really using your time well(or atleast it seems you are) being very busy. keep on keeping on with that creative energy :) Plus Gaga,Bjork,Florence and MIA are really inspirational-you should check out David Bowie and Marc Bolan if you haven't already.
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