Friday, March 25, 2011

An extra picture from yesterday's post & Beach outfits day 3 & 4

I found another pic from my second beach outfit:
My outfit from day 3. It was inspired by Romance was Born Doilies And Pearls, oysters and shells SS09 and John Galliano spring 2008 So I had Lot's of ideas for good pictures. I was going to take a few at the carousel, and some playing on the beach and many more and then my camera ran out of batteries so I only got some pics.
This is the outfit I wore on the 4Th day when I ate a shark taco. Yes, Shark, with the teeth and the fins. I ate it because on the first day we went to a Mexican restaurant and I ordered an American taco and people my family was disappointed with my choice so I decided to eat a shark taco the second time we went there so I did!
I found these glasses on the beach the day before.My pin is made of elephant poop!In the last picture my head reminds me of this Nick Cave sound suit's head.



Jessica said...

Great blog :)

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can i have one of thoses badges lol ... Fantastic blog

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Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I like your second outfit and how it matches the colors on the beach! ^^

PS I hate it when my camera dies on me! D:

Peach Crush said...

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Vicky said...

Nice shots!

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Sick by Trend said...

beach, sand, wind.... <3


Heather said...

You have an amazing eye for photography. I especially love the one of the feather in the sand surrounded by the scarf. That would be great to print up and frame.