Monday, July 25, 2011

Heart Christopher Kane

For some reason I never before realized that I love Christopher Kane! His clothes are awesome! I really want to own them! I'd wear em sooooooooooooo often! I would wear it till it fell apart and then I still might keep wearing it! I used to not immediately look at his collections when they came out but then I would see it somewhere(Style Rookie, Vogue, home page of, some random blog)and be like I have to see that and I would always be pleased by what I saw. Now he is one of my new fave designers! He was even behind the clothes that I would think"That's beautiful"but be too lazy to find out who designed them, So I guess he's been my fave designer all along I just didn't know until I stopped being lazy. His designs include everything I love therefore I love his designs! <3 Christopher Kane. There's so much more I could say but I guess by now you get the point(Blah, blah, never realized, blah, love Christopher Kane, blah, Always have, blah blah). So now I will show you pics and list why I love the collections! In individual sentences each punctuated with an exclamation point!:

spring 2012 menswear:


Resort 2012:

Rainbow lace! Metallic! Neon! Triangular clutches! Collars! mullet skirts!

Fall 2011:

Knits that look like the blanket at my great uncles beach house! Sequins! Swirly colored plastic stuff that looks like candy!

Spring 2011:

Neon lace! Leather lace! Neon! Lace! Color! Tattoo like prints!

Resort 2011:

Space! Fluffy shoes! Space! Nebula! Stars! Space!

Fall 2010:

Flower embroidery! leather! studs! Black lace!

Spring 2010:

Plaid! Flower embroidery! Sheer! Pastels! Yay!

Bye y'all!

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Paolina of Calur Villade said...

he is pure genius. one of my favorites was fall 2010. leather + flower applique. FUCKING BEST!