Friday, July 22, 2011

Juda gaga

First I would like to say to fashionable people(Magazine editors, Fashion photographers, Fashion Designers, Fashion bloggers.etc)That I would be a good young person to make famous in fashion like Tavi, Charles Guislain or Elle fanning. I am devoted to fashion and I think about it ALL the time. I am a talented designer and dresser as you can see in my posts! So if you need me Famous fashion people I would be VERY very happy to help! Thank you.I'm making a magazine! I have the savage beauty book! I have a book all about lady gaga! I'm designing a perfume and working on ideas for short fashion films! Now that I have gotten you up to date on what I've been doing lately I can get you up to date on stuff I did a long time ago like dress in clothes inspired by the Judas video for a week. Now you can look at my edited versions of pics of them(the outfits)!


Randi said...

I agree, to all of you fashion people out there. I have known you, Ben for a VERY long time. And I agree! You are the perfect person for all of those. These pictures are truly amazing, Ben! And how did you get the rainbow stripes on the first one? I think it's amazing how you can edit and create things so amazing. Like the one where everything is black and white except for your coat? Amazing, and beautiful. Love it! And you are making a perfume? I MUST try it!! :D

Randi said...

And out of curiosity, who takes all of these pictures?

Heather said...

I second that. The famous fashion people would do well to include you in their circles. I have no doubt that this will be true. Maybe one day when you find yourself a midst the famous ones you will design an outfit for one of my jewelry pieces. What an honor that would be.