Sunday, July 31, 2011

One eyed one horned flying purple people eater!

This is me in Stewart British Columbia, My future home. I will live there for one summer during college. I have it all planned out. I will have lots of cool designer clothes by then(Most of which Alexander McQueen)and I will dress really cool everyday and parade down the long boardwalk every evening and stop at the bench to eat a dinner made from food that I bought from the store and packed in a fashionable picnic basket and then go back to the small house decorated with cool pictures and faux fur blankets I am renting and update my blog and Look book with pictures a friend took of me during my parading/cat walking Etc. I will eat breakfast at the bakery and write my name among the many others on the walls and spray paint my name along with the others on the nearby rocks unless that is illegal or something. Friends who come to visit will stay at the cool little hotel nearby not the not so cool hotel that the above picture was taken. I will do lots with my hair while there. I will have a haircut like Kristen Mcmenamy's in the picture to the right side in my whatever it's called. I will dye it pink for a while, then lime green, later black sometime white and then I will let it grow a little longer and be more wilder and dye it orange with black tips. My job will be selling stuff on Etsy like custom Blythes. And at some point I plan on daring a Friend to drink an entire bottle of lime juice. Then I will go to college in Sweden or japan or new york.


D♥R said...

Oh yeah !

Oh and Kristen Mcmenamy she's so awesome..Have you seen her Love magazine cover!

Zola said...

Why aren't you in Montreal?! I think we met in our past lives or something... =P