Saturday, January 22, 2011

Fly away

Today was really nice out, and it was warm! I didn't need a winter jacket! It was like spring came early! So I wore bright colors!
Bright colors are obviously fashionable this year just look at the pictures I cut from Vogue.
Bird pin, story book pin (that's what I decided to call it), A pin I made out of an Easter card from my grandpa and a pin made of a sticker of a kitten in a sweater from the doctor's.
My top is just a T-shirt with a random piece of fabric pinned to it and a hot pink shoelace tied around my stomach.
Like my Miu miu inspired socks?


S said...

Bright colors and microfantasies like Miu Miu are a must!^^
good work!

Sara and Emma said...

I want your socks ;)

Kayla said...

Your socks are absolutly fantastic!
Come check out my blog, and follow it :)

Tonio said...

Your moodboards are amazing!!
Love your socks, soo miu miu
Love your blog, I´m absolutely following you! Hope you can follow back!
I´m a fashion illustrator, and I´m telling a story from a lovely girl: SANABRA! hope you like her, she is so lovely!!


Fashion is me said...

Frankly I say, you look fantastic, well done

Great entry.


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Prada? Louis Vuitton? Proenza Schouler? All very good choices to show how colorful this season is! Sonia Rykiel and Christopher Kane also showed a lot of color! :3